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Time for the masked slave to leave the restraints attaching him to the cross. The other plaything is still fastened, barely able to move and not seeing much which is going on. It only heightens his sensations. Meanwhile, the masked slave gets some super fine treatment with his Master. The bare-chested Eurokinkster urges the slave to stroke himself pulling the strap harder around his sack. An idea comes to his mind and he switches his attention in favor of the bound boy, attaching heavy rings to his package and playing with his urethra.

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You don’t mess with the Latino hunks, especially if there are two of them. This poor white boy got in a mess and had to pay with his own mouth and ass! Watch the two dark-haired horny hunks get the boy all hard and wet, making him take inches of cock in his mouth – and then his butthole. The hairy monsters plow his ass in a lovely double anal episode and leave the boy exhausted and bathed in a double load of fresh, hot, steaming Latino spunk.

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Come on, older gay daddies are mature men but it does not mean they are only good for sitting around and doing nothing at all! Watch these two sweethearts enjoy a seemingly quiet evening at home, reading books. Apparently both of them read something which got them horny. Just one look into each other’s eyes, and they’re already going at it. The bald gay daddy had his lover’s mouth dancing up and down his long hard shaft right away. This couldn’t go on forever. The lover was desperate to get fucked that night so he just grabbed that hot thick dick and slid it into his wet manhole. That’s were the daddy turned into a horny beast and almost ripped that ass in two..!

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This bald fucker was ready to do what it takes to get a dick from his work friend. He didn’t even bother wearing a tool belt, because it would just get in the way of him getting plugged in the ass after he deep throated him! He bends over the work bench and gets his spanked swollen ass stuffed with dick, and then sucks off his buddy so he can taste his hot cream

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The doc here, he’s a breakthrough scientist. He’s about to come up with a medication which delivers terrific effect. Thing is, its main ingredient is supposed to be male seed. Tons of stuff is needed for research, so he keeps a close watch on his team. The bastards sometimes fuck around – literally – wasting their precious sperm. The doc is a real fanatic, keeping a close watch on everybody around so that they don’t waste a drop. And what a cock handler he is! Watch him play with his own thick tool, replenishing the amounts required for research. Earth is about to be saved soon!

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Yeah, shooting pool balls can be fun, but for these four studs, what could be more fun than going after each other’s juicy cocks and sucking each other off? That’s why they put their cue sticks aside in favor of their fuck sticks, and pretty soon they were all bobbing their heads up and down their dicks! Each of them were milked until they all got to shoot hot jizz all over each other.

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It sure was one hell of a long, boring day. These two gay daddies could have just drifted off to sleep, but hey, they’re big strong men after all. The great thing about older gay daddies, they don’t waste time. They want all the sex they can get! Migue was so hungry to wrap his lips around his lover’s tool – and he did. His throat got fucked hard from a whole bunch of angles and that thick veiny thing aimed right at.. what? Right at the bottom’s tight hairy ass, that’s at what! He loved how it always hurt having his extra hung gay daddy lover inside. And he took every thrust like a mature, experienced man – and cock addict – that he is! And, of course, the cum, too!

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These are mature men with families and a reputation at work. Yet what they really need is being with each other, their hearts beating and hands doing exploring their strong bodies. See them make out when left all alone. One thing leads to another, lots of tongue kissing takes place, and their beef batons are begging to be sucked. Watch the bald cop bend over, have his ass lubed and welcome his lover’s firm meat all the way inside.

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These two don’t care about race at all, they just care about getting each other off underneath the hot sun! The black guy gets his meal first, going down on the white daddy and running his lips up and down his meaty dick to get him hard. Then it was the white guy’s turn to deep throat that long black schlong, drinking his cum when he shot it, and then having the black guy suck and stroke him to orgasm.

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It was hard for this stud to get some alone time, but now that he found himself in the locker room all alone, he could whip out his favorite fuck toy and plow his own asshole with it. He took out his huge dildo and opened up his asshole, fitting as much of it as he could while his cock grew stiff. Then he stroked himself on the bathroom floor until he shot cum all over his ripped torso.

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With all his looks, this European sweetie is just asking for it. And the second one is, as well! See them wait patiently, each fastened to one side of the cross, willing to accept anything their Masters are about to give. And they’re about to give a bit of fine CBT with pegs and a leather strap! Grateful, the slave in the leather pants enjoys every second of the weights pulling his nipples down. His brother in bondage cherishes the sensation of having a whole bunch of pegs all over his sack at the same time…

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Massages are a good way to get somebody to give you what you want, and for Froilan, his mind is on Murray’s older gay ass as a place for him to stuff his meat into. So as he sits on top of Murray and rubs his back, his cock is growing and poking him through this underwear. He takes off Murray’s underwear and rubs his cock all over his crack, before Murray grabs a hold of his erect member and stuffs it into his mouth. These older gay daddies go from rubbing each other to fucking hard in no time, as he’s got Murray’s asshole spread wide open for him in bed, spreading his legs and drilling him from behind as they lay in bed. Murray loves to be dominated by Froilan, taking his dick deep from behind in all positions in this gay daddies sex, ending up in all fours bent over on the bed and feeling Froilan’s balls slap against his until it’s time to erupt.

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This gay bear knows what’s coming to him as he gets led to the bedroom by his big bear master. He gets put face down on the bed, with his underwear torn off of his butt to get at his butt cheeks. Each one is smacked until it’s beat red, and when his throbbing cock bounces out of his torn undies, his master takes out his own dick and shoves it in the mouth hole of his kinky slut’s mask.

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A medical checkup sounds boring, but wait till you are serviced at GayMedics. Watch the lucky patient here get fullest possible treatment from our very nice doctor. His hands are so warm and tender as they run all across the patient’s skin. And what a nice way of saying thank you to your doctor! Watch the medical professional’s hard cock jump out of his boxers, straight into the patient’s mouth. Damn, he knows the buttons to press! Very soon, both are naked, the doctor is on top, massaging the patient’s fuck hole with his hot throbbing dick. In the end, both shot so much semen!

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You know, these two big, sexy older gay daddies, who the fuck they think they are kidding? Reading a book and going to bed? That’s kids stuff! They are big, hard men who have needs, so, you know… Watch as Esteban starts fooling around with his lover’s body – only to get immediate response. The chemistry is strong between these two for sure! Soon the Migue’s mouth is all over the big gay daddy’s package, you know, as much as it’s physically possible. These huge, full balls haven’t had a release for a while, so the big guy doesn’t spend too much time watching his partner finger his ass. Something else entirely is ready to go in! Check out them nearly wrecking this armchair which seems too feeble to handle all the gay daddy passion these two have.

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